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Pressure Trucks


Methanol injection for hydrate handling

Pipeline & Facility Testing

  • 140m3 of 50/50 methanol/water storage

Running scraping pigs and or smart tools

  • Injecting condensate or inhibitor into pipeline to clean and trace


  • Injecting condensate or inhibitor downhole

Pressure Testing (various applications)

Hot Oilers

  • Well stimulation/circulation with hot oil/hot water

  • Pipeline cleaning runs with hot oil/hot water

  • Water heating for frac ponds and or tank farms

Tank Trucks

Fluid Hauling for Completions

  • Filling Poseidon tanks and or tank farms

Fluid Hauling for Well Servicing

  • Abandonments, etc

Fluid Management on Pipeline Testing

  • Support pressure testing unit with ample fluid for specific pipeline fills

Chemical Sales

Contact for current pricing

  • Methanol and Glycol

  • Solvents and Synthetic Acids



Memberships in good standing with:

  • ISNetworld

  • Comply Works

  • AASP

  • COR Certified



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